September First Saturday Gallery

Okay, it was the second Saturday this month but there were neat toys! Thanks to Randy and Dolly for hosting this month and Drew for the pictures. (Pictures won’t show up in email)

DSC_5251.JPG DSC_5252.JPG DSC_5253.JPG DSC_5254.JPG DSC_5256.JPG DSC_5258.JPG DSC_5259.JPG DSC_5260.JPG DSC_5261.JPG DSC_5262.JPG DSC_5263.JPG DSC_5265.JPG DSC_5266.JPG DSC_5269.JPG DSC_5270.JPG DSC_5271.JPG DSC_5272.JPG DSC_5275.JPG DSC_5276.JPG DSC_5277.JPG DSC_5279.JPG DSC_5280.JPG DSC_5282.JPG DSC_5284.JPG DSC_5285.JPG DSC_5286.JPG DSC_5288.JPG DSC_5291.JPG